Coffee Plantation


Variety --------------------------------------------------------------------- Caturra

Region ---------------------------------------------------------- Bulle, Yirgachefe

Harvesting ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021

Processing method ------------------------------------------------------ Natural

Altitude --------------------------------------------------------------- 2000 masl

the farm

Kedir Bali private farm


Kedir Bali is a pioneer coffee producer who encourages other farmers to follow in his footsteps in producing high-quality coffee. He advises fellow farmers on how to harvest coffee, and how to dry coffee for the specialty market. His coffee shows great potential for the future, the cup is full of mature fruit and great sweetness. Mr. Bali is a father of nine children, four boys, and five girls. He is also a local church leader and participates in various community projects such as financial contributions for poor farmers and providing stationery materials for local students.

flavor profile

Aroma: full of florals, flower tea essential 

Flavor: blueberries, fruit candy, earl-grey, bergamot, lavender, jasmine, violet

Aftertaste: long lasting with floralsss

Body: medium, juicy

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tasting experience

Bright acidity, good structure, layers, and long finish. When it is hot, blueberries and fruits candy, getting warm; look for bergamot and citrus notes followed by dark florals, red berries, and dark sugar
sweetness; when it’s getting cold, more florals like lavender, violet with juiciness. Smooth mouthfeel, long lingering. During or in-between temperature changes, notes of blueberries, jasmine also peach show great in the cup experience. Filter brew is full of tea and florals; espresso is bright with fruit candy brings along with florals, bergamot, earl grey, and peach; when in milk-based, totally an earl grey lavender cake-like.

Great complexity, blossoming aroma, clean and long aftertaste.

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color palette

Brew Recipe!