Variety ---------------------------------------------------------- Dega & Wolisho

Region --------------------------------------------------------- Bulle, Yirgacheffe

Harvesting ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021

Processing method ------------------------------------------------------ Natural

Altitude --------------------------------------------------------------- 2000 masl

the farm

Almaz Sahille

Almaz Sahille Horo is a 46 year old woman with 11 children who are all in school. She got into coffee farming at a young age, working the land she inherited from her father. Almaz has received an award for being a model farmer in her community.

Almaz recently began exporting coffee directly from her farm by taking advantage of the incentives given to small scale farmers by the government.


flavor profile

Aroma: red berries, floral, sugar 

Flavor: citrus, orange, blueberries, fruit candy, molasses, elderflower.

Aftertaste: complex with blueberries

Body: medium-light, tea-like mouthfeel to juicy

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tasting experience

Bright acidity, good structure, layers, and complex. When it is hot, citrus with also orange, getting warm; look for fruit candy and citrus notes followed by florals, red berries, and dark sugar sweetness; when it’s getting cold, more berries and tea, more juiciness. During or in-between temperature changes, notes of blueberries, elderflower, and some grapes in the cup experience. Filter brew is full of tea and florals; espresso is bright with fruit candy brings along with citrus, orange syrup, and molasses sugar; when in milk-based, notes of dark chocolate mix berries.

Great complexity, balance, clean and blueberries aftertaste.

color palette