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Variety ------------------------------------------ SL34, SL28, Batian & Ruilu 11

Region ------------------------------------------------------------------- Kirinyaga

Harvesting ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021

Processing method ------------------------------------------------------ Washed

Altitude ------------------------------------------------------- 1600 - 1800 masl

the farm

Kianyaga - Baragwi FCS

Baragwi FCS smallholder farmers


Kianyaga Factory

Nyaga is a Kikuyu name for ostrich. The area was known because it was the only place you could find an ostrich. The factory was then named after the village, Kianyaga. It was opened for processing in 1966. 

The Baragwi FCS is the biggest society in Kenya. Today, they operate 12 washing stations and work with over 15,000 members. Their factory managers work for a different factory every two years so that they can share knowledge and be very consistent.


flavor profile

Aroma: black tea, herbs, red currants

Flavor: citrus, red kiwi, gooseberry, chamomile, lemongrass, caramel

Aftertaste: gentle, black tea-like sensation

Body: medium-light, tea-like mouthfeel to juicyness


tasting experience

Great acidity follows with red wild fruits, gooseberry, clean and juicy. When it warm, the flavor of currants in the cup, with juiciness, finish with chamomile and lemongrass. The espresso is sweet with notes of berries, currants, red kiwi, end with some herbs and nutty, clean and juicy. Milk-based is smooth with some papaya, chocolate and nuts.

color palette



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