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Mindfully designed for the pure joy of collection.

story begins.

Upon our 8th anniversary, we want to share with you the stories behind the coffee we serve everyday. Our merchandise series this time surrounds the 8 elements that we believe contribute the most to a good cup of coffee. We’re happy to collaborate with a local artist, by.byno to transform our ideas into these beautiful illustrations. 

10% of each merchandise purchase will be donated to the Seeds For Progress foundation in support of their work in delivering quality education in Central America.

about the artist


By.byno is a self-taught artist based in a small town, Kluang. The brand name by.byno simply means that all the things & works are by herself. She is aspired to create meaningful, lovely, storytelling illustrations that heal people and herself

creating sustainable educational shift

IMG_9150 seeds for progress school.jpg

Seeds for Progress is a non-for-profit organisation commited to transforming lives through quality education in coffee communities in Central America, focusing on Nicaragua and Guatemala regions. By connecting children in coffee communities to schooling, basic medical care & access to knowledge, they are creating a sustainable educational shift.

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