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Variety -------------------------------------------------------------- Maragogype

Region ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Jalapa

Harvesting ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021

Processing method ------------------------------------------------------ Natural

Altitude ------------------------------------------------------- 1920 - 2050 masl

the farm

Los Aguijotes


Los Aguijotes is a small farm belonging to Herminio Zapata and his son Nelson. Herminio used to bring his harvested cherries to the cooperative for processing and sold together with cherries from other producers as a blend. Until he met our friend, Eduardo Ambrocio,, a few years back, who managed to taste his Maragogype variety and thought there was huge potential in the cup.

color palette

flavor profile

Aroma: strawberries, raspberry jam, fruit tea 

Flavor: raspberries jam, strawberries, vanilla, rosehip, cherries, chocolate

Aftertaste: clean with vanilla and rose

Body: medium, juicy


tasting experience

Great acidity lead to layers of sweetness, follows by strawberries,  raspberry jam, hints of dark cherry, and end with vanilla and rosehip. Great texture yet layering, with clean mouthfeel. Taste more to Raspberry jam made chocolate in the espresso, berries-like pastry in the milk; juicy and dried mix fruit tea with rose in filter brew.

color blossom-01-01.png


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