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How We Brew Filter Coffee

Brewing filter coffee with Origami dripper

How do you guys brew it? What is the ratio you use? These are the questions we commonly receive from our customers when we brew at our coffee bar. We always love filter coffee with a great balance of acidity and sweetness, clean with great clarity of its characteristics that reflect in its body and flavour. And today, we wish to share our recipe with you.

When we designed this brew recipe, we had a few objectives in mind:

(1) to have a simple & easy-to-duplicate recipe,

(2) to have a good quality of these aspects: acidity, origin flavour, clarity & sweetness of the cup, and

(3) to have high consistency while brewing different coffee in the bar for at least three brews at one time.

To start, have your brewing devices & coffee beans ready, and turn on your favourite music that flows with your mood.


Equipment we use:

Origami dripper with 185 Kalita wave paper, Mahlkonig EK43 Coffee Grinder, Bonavita gooseneck kettle (1L), Acaia Pearl Scale


Johor filtered water with BWT water system at 93°C

Ratio of coffee to water:

16g : 240g

Grind size:

Medium-coarse. We tune the grind size for different coffees as they vary in size and density.


5 pours included blooms, 45 seconds in between.

We use a medium water pour rate, around 7~8g/second.

0:00-0:45 Pour 40g of water to bloom

0:45-3:00 Pour 50g of water evenly at every 45 sec interval.

3:00-3:30 Drip all & enjoy your coffee!

Brewing tips:

Try to pour evenly across the coffee ground with the same amount of water at a consistent pouring height. This ensures we extract the coffee evenly to yield a balanced cup.


How do we calibrate the filter brew recipe

Usually, we would fine-tune the recipe by grind size according to the taste experience.

If the coffee has a thin mouthfeel, empty flavour or too sourish, adjust the grind size slightly finer.

On the other hand, if you notice the flow is clogged when brewing, astringent mouthfeel or bitterness in the coffee, adjust to a coarser grind size.

This should work for most of the medium to high-density arabica coffee.

We hope you have fun trying out this simple filter brew recipe. Share your experience in the comments, and we're happy to assist you in coffee brewing. Happy brewing!


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