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  • New and Improved Ceramic Burr Set
  • Made of Higher Quality Materials than Porlex I
  • Made in Porlex's Kirishima City, Kagoshima Factory in Japan
  • Grinds Faster, Easier, and More Evenly than Porlex I
  • Ceramic Burrs do not Absorb Water, Smells, and Will Not Rust
  • Each Click Will Make an approximately 37 Micron Change
  • Slim, simple design is very portable and will fit in an AeroPress
  • 30g Approximate Capacity
  • Detailed Instructions Included

    Porlex Tall Grinder II

    Only 7 left in stock
    • Instructions for Use:

      • Adjust Burr to Appropriate Grind Setting eg. Pour-Over = 9-11 Clicks
      • Weigh Coffee (~20g capacity)
      • Remove Lid and Add Coffee
      • Ensure Grinds Cup is Secure
      • Attach Handle Until it Reaches the Base of the Shaft
      • Hold the Grinder Body with One Hand and the Handle with the Other
      • Rotate Clockwise
      • There Will be Resistance Throughout Grinding
      • Empty Grinds Cup Full of Fresh Ground Coffee into Desired Brew Method
      • Make Delicious Coffee
      • Enjoy Freshly Made Delicious Coffee
      • Clean Grinder Regularly

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