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Celebrating 8nniversary

Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters is turning 8 years old! As usual, we’re celebrating our 8th birthday in a simple yet meaningful way. Besides having our annual charity event, we wish to share more stories about what we do every day in serving good coffee to you; thus we also share a series of content & merchandise throughout the month.

The Sweet Blossom Team, missing Xixibun

A Conversation with Yee Siang

To share more stories about Sweet Blossom, we have had a conversation with the roaster & founder, Yee Siang, about his journey from making coffee to owning a coffee bar.

Like all other local business owners, Sweet Blossom also went through difficult times during the pandemic period. The struggles of facing stagnancy come slightly later for Yee Siang, who is considering restarting the whole business somewhere new while continuing to focus on crafting good coffee.

Yet, with the support & words from his circle of friends, he decided to carry on the business, and here we are welcoming the 8th years anniversary.

An interview with Yee Siang, founder of Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters

You can now check out the full podcast on YouTube & Spotify.

While it can be a dream for coffee lovers to own a coffee bar, it could also be the end of enjoying coffee as it is after pursuing it as a career. For Yee Siang, it's a different story to tell after making coffee for around a decade.

"I'm still excited to brew one cup of espresso for myself every morning, trying out coffee from different origins. And I want to explore even more, in roasting or farming." An open mind to learn & a strong will to be better every day is what keeps Yee Siang moving forward in his coffee journey.

Hopefully we can own a Sweet Blossom Coffee Farm in the near future!

Annual Charity Event - Quality Education in Coffee Community

Every year, we would donate the net sales of our anniversary day to like-minded organisations that contribute to the world’s needs.

In the past anniversaries, we have supported multiple organisations that commit to current needs, including World Vision (2015-2017), Kechara Caring Organisation (2018-2019), Tabung Covid-19 Malaysia(2019), Australian Bush Fire (2021), and Hospis Malaysia (2022), ranging from clean water sanitation to healthcare.

From this year onwards, we hope to have a clearer focus on contributing back to the cause that is closely related to coffee, which leads us to learn about the Seeds for Progress Foundation.

A mini poster about our 8th charity event

About Seeds for Progress

Seeds for Progress Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is committed to transforming lives by providing access to quality education to the children from the rural communities of Central America coffee-growing regions.

We’re inspired by the work they do, by connecting children in coffee communities to schooling, basic medical care & access to knowledge in a sustainable way through purposeful collaboration with the local communities.

Currently, all of their projects are in Guatemala. In the country, they work in different schools that have particular needs in different coffee-growing regions of the country, such as Palencia, Jalapa, Jutiapa, Chiquimula and Huehuetenango.

One of the schools built by Seeds for Progress Foundation
School located within the coffee growing region in Central America. (photo credit: Seeds For Progress)

In the preliminary phase, they diagnose the schools and detect the areas in which we can support them based on their 5 different programs (Seeds to Grow, Seeds to Learn, Seeds to Lead, Seeds to Lift and Cultivating Education), the 4 pillars (technology, infrastructure, mentoring network and monitoring) and the expertise of the team.

Through quality education, not only can we promote the literacy level of the farmer’s communities, but also create boundless possibilities for the children's future to thrive in society. Looking forward to more in-depth collaboration with Seeds for Progress, in supporting their work in the way we could for the long run.

A big thanks to everyone who showed support on the 8th & 9th of August! The total amount of the net sales of our coffee bar on these 2 days will be donated to Seeds for Progress.

If you wish to support our annual charity event, do stay tuned for our merchandise launching, as 10% of each purchase of our merchandise will also be donated to them.

Happy birthday to Sweet Blossom, and thank you for joining this coffee journey with us!


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