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Stay focused to discover the amazing roasts & origins

SBCR is founded with one simple thought in mind, to serve delicious coffee everyday. Fast forward 8 years till today, we've transformed this thought into our daily task.

Branching out from making consistent good quality coffee, we start to understand the importance of sourcing quality beans, learn about what it takes to harvest the coffees, and putting our dedication in bringing out the potential of the green beans as a return of our appreciation.

This leads to how we decide the way we present our coffees to the consumers, allowing them to taste & experience the most authentic flavour of the coffee through light roast, single origin coffee.

Apart from making good coffee, building a trusting relationship with our consumers stays in our core mission too. Sharing the right knowledge with our consumers, asking them "how's your coffee today", discovering their personal coffee preference together are all the small acts which complete the customer's experience at our coffee bar.

Being a barista to us, it's an act of service that comes with professionalism. We describe ourselves as keen learners who never stop learning & improving ourselves in what we do, from roasting, brewing & cupping, to serving & connecting with our consumers. Keep on exploring & experimenting, and seek for better than the status quo is what motivates us every day.

This is why we do what we do — stay focused to discover the amazing roasts & origins.

We're recruiting full-time barista who is outgoing, passionate with coffee & look forward to put a smile on our customer's face while enjoying good coffee at our bar. If you are eager to be part of this journey with us, drop us your resume & the reason why you want to join us at


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